Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ohio: Proposed requirements for dangerous wild, exotic animals

Associated Press
Posted on Mon, Dec. 25, 2006

The bill introduced in the last session of the Ohio General Assembly by state Rep. George Distel, a Conneaut Democrat, will be reintroduced in the next session in January.

Among other things, Distel's bill would require people who possess dangerous wild animals or exotic animals to:

_Obtain a personal possession permit.

_Obtain and maintain liability insurance that covers claims for injury or damage to people or property caused by such animals.

_Post and display signs at intervals of 10 feet along the boundary of the property where the animals are confined, warning the public that a dangerous wild animal or exotic animal is on the property.

_Keep a log of all dangerous wild animals or exotic animals they possess.

_Not tether, leash or chain a dangerous wild animal or an exotic animal outside a cage or allow it to roam.

Source: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us


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