Friday, June 12, 2009

Tony at Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana

Jun 11, 2009
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Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Various
Location: Louisiana, United States

Sadly there have been NO changes at Tiger Truck Stop for Tony the tiger. I'm sorry there was ONE, they repainted part of his cage with that horrible shipyard grey besides that NOTHING else. We have got to start sending letters again guys. PLEASE start with Mr. Ourso the parish president, then Maria Davidson and then let's not forget about Governor Bobby Jindal

Sadly Iberville Parish thinks that we have all gone away with our tails tucked help me show them that until Tony is taken care of humanely that we are NEVER going away. We have to show them that we are the voice for Tony and that we truly care about him unlike his owner Michael Sandlin

We stand strong in numbers please do not give up on Tony, he needs us. Please forward this to everyone you know and ask them to please get involved so together we can make a difference, TONY is counting on us. If not us then who?


Sky Williamson


Monday, June 01, 2009

Dear Mr. J. Mitchell Ourso,

I wanted to find out what is going on concerning Tony the Tiger at Tiger Truck Stop? It has now been three months since the last council meeting and the only thing they have done concerning Tony is repaint the cage with that god awful shipyard gray. I have been by there several times and have seen nothing being done that would or could be considered as improvements to better the quality of his life. Clearly Michael Sandlin is not going to do anything willingly regardless of what he says and for whatever reason no authority figure is making him do any improvements.  Is there some reason for this? The reason I pushed this issue as far as I did was for Tony and now it seems that the parish has forgotten about him again.

I would really appreciate if you would email me a copy of the revised ordinance concerning wildlife such as Tony. Please send me an update on this matter as you know it is very important to me and others that care about the welfare of all animals.


Sky Williamson

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  1. We are still fighting for you TONY and we will never give up. One day I hope to come see you in a sanctuary where you will finally see what it is like to be a tiger. Where you will be feed fresh meat, have a pool to splash in, vet care when needed and enrichment so that you are HAPPY and have a quality of life.

  2. Tony we are still here promise to keep up till you are in a happy home, a sanctuary.

  3. I really do Care about Tony & have tried 2 sign the Petion many times. But I keep having problems as I'm not a US citizen,& can't enter a state I live in. Now I've signed up & still waiting 4 a password 2B sent 2 me. I'm not a member of Facebook, Twitter,or any other of these sites as I'm a private person & from what I've heard from friends who R members of Facebook & such frightens the begegeez out of me, as I am told, whenU do become a member of any of these sights All privacy is Lost. Help. sherieH. Thanks

  4. Yes we are still fighting for you everyday beautiful Tony.