Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ontario town passes exotic pet law following discovery of jaguars, lions, monkeys in town

December 08, 2009

Exotic pet laws passed

Exotic pets are under fire these days, and several Ontario municipalities have put in place special bylaws restricting ownership of some exotics. The most recent case involves Thorold, where the discovery of several pet jaguars, lions and monkeys prompted local officials to take action.

The new bylaw bans ownership of primates (including apes), tigers, leopards, panthers, cougars, most reptiles, dangerous snakes, elephants, marine mammals, venomous snakes and some other wildlife not native to Canada.

Provincial wildlife laws do not usually deal with exotic wildlife. Recently, British Columbia put into place a new law restricting the importation of some exotic pets, but other provinces have so far not followed suit. Consequently, it is up to local municipalities to put into force their own restrictions.

These new laws do not pertain to budgerigars, canaries and other traditional pet birds, nor to some other exotic animals.



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