Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Via Born Free USA: Help New Jersey Do Its Part for Tigers

Tigers are in crisis and need you to help persuade the New Jersey Legislature to pass Senate Bill 945/Assembly Bill 2200, the most important state bill package existing for them today. S945 passed the Senate unanimously last month and we now need to ensure both bills pass the Assembly as soon as possible.

Please take a minute now and ask Assembly Chairman Nelson T. Albano (D-District 1) to hear and support both bills in the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Introduced by Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak (D-Union) and Assemblymember Upendra J. Chivukula (D-District 17), S945/A2200 recognizes that fewer than 4,000 tigers cling to survival in the wild, where they are regularly killed by poachers in order to supply the illegal and highly lucrative trade in tiger parts and products (which tragically include bone, claws, hair, skins, skulls, teeth and even bone wine). Equally shocking is the fact that far more tigers are kept in cages in the United States, and that this population is largely unaccounted for, especially with regard to the use of their remains after death.

To help prevent New Jersey tigers from entering into the illegal tiger trade, this package bill would require all tigers in the state to be registered and systematically accounted for, whether living or deceased.

After taking a minute to ask Assemblyman Albano to hear S945/A2200 in his committee, please also consider briefly thanking AM Chivukula for his admirable leadership on this incredibly important issue.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: New Jersey

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